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Substantiation of Business Cell Phone Usage

Posted by Predovich & Company

There's a serious move afoot to simplify substantiation of business cell phone use.  Additionally, legislation has been introduced to remove cell phones from the Code Sec. 274 listed property category.  And in a June 26 statement, IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman said that current law on personal usage of employer provided cell phones is "burdensome, poorly understood by taxpayers, and difficult for the IRS to administer consistently."  He said he joined Treasury Secretary Geithner in asking Congress "to make clear that there will be no tax consequence to employers or employees for personal use of work-related devices such as cell phones provided by employers.  The passage of time, advances in technology, and the nature of communication in the modern workplace have rendered this law obsolete."  In all likelihood, substantiation relief would apply to self-employed taxpayers as well as to employers and employees.

Source: RIA Checkpoint Newsstand


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