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Benefits of Tax Planning

Posted by Predovich & Company

During our tax season interviews at Predovich & Company, we find that many clients would have realized substantial tax savings if they had talked to us prior to taking certain taxable actions.

Some areas where a pre-planning appointment with one of our CPAs may help you:

  • Discuss your life goals
  • Change in employment status
  • Review retirement income scenarios
  • Purchase or sale of rental or investment real estate
  • Purchase or sale of personal residence
  • Refinance of real estate property
  • Business startup
  • Business funding
  • Sale of business
  • IRA/Pension plan withdrawals
  • Investment and financial planning
  • Cash management
  • Tax implications of education funding plans for children or grandchildren
  • Whether long-term care or other insurance should be part of your (or your parents’) estate plan
If you are anticipating taking action on any of the above items during 2009, please know that discussing the matter before acting may decrease your tax liability or save you an unpleasant surprise next April 15th.

The above list is not intended to be a complete list of areas where tax planning may reduce your tax liability. Prices for Tax Planning vary based upon individual requirements. We also offer a Personal Finance Checkup Interview and a Business Checkup to our clients covering these and many other topics. Please contact our office for more information.


indianist said...

As said the tax planning with proper investment plan will save a lot of our money. Thanks for the information and do add up more info on tax savings and tax planning methods..

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