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Beware of Email Scams

Posted by Predovich & Company

Email scams are getting more clever.  There are still the usual ones - the widow from Nigeria asking for your bank info so she can share US $6 million, the fakey one from a bank telling you your account/password has been locked.  But more recently, they have included emails supposedly from FedEx or UPS saying they have a package for you that they can't deliver, an email from your Exchange email server saying that you need to update your Outlook profile, or one indicating that you have poker winnings that you need to collect.

As always, do not open any of these emails nor follow any embedded links.  They can install spyware, keystroke loggers, or "bots" that are used to take over your computer and do further harm to your business and other businesses' computer systems and networks.

Source:  Marion K. Jenkins, PhD, CEO, QSE Technologies, Inc.

QSE Technologies is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner that provides IT systems consulting and integration services to small/medium businesses.


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